Hearing Aid Dispensing

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss and hearing aids are the recommended treatment solution, your ability to communicate and understand speech will improve substantially. But narrowing down the vast array of choices available to you can be daunting. LeMay Hearing & Balance understands what a big decision you’re faced with, and will work closely with you to find the ideal instrument based on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences.

An audiologist will assess the severity of your hearing loss, which will range from normal (-10 to 15 dB) to profound (91+ dB), as well as the frequency. Individuals with conductive hearing loss have trouble with low frequency sounds, while those with sensorineural hearing loss have difficulties with high frequency sounds. Your hearing aid will need to have the power to match your degree of hearing loss, and must target the frequencies you have trouble picking up.

Your lifestyle needs are another important factor to consider. The type of device you choose should match your typical activities, whether those are quiet, intimate evenings with a few friends or family, or active, busy gatherings with an abundance of background noise. Either way, there are hearing aids designed specifically for your lifestyle.

Because you’ll be wearing your hearing aids every day, it’s crucial you choose a device that is comfortable, fits well, is easy to use, and makes you feel confident. Hearing aids come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, many of which are virtually invisible to others. The type that appeals to you is mostly a personal choice, but you’ll also have to consider which features and options will benefit you the most. Remember, the smaller the hearing aid, the fewer bells and whistles available.

Your budget may be the most important factor in choosing a hearing aid. We’ll help you find an instrument that satisfies your other needs without breaking the bank. Do remember the axiom ‘you get what you pay for’ when choosing a hearing aid; if your device isn’t comfortable and doesn’t provide adequate sound quality, are you really going to be happier saving a few dollars in the long run? We’ve got 25+ years of experience dispensing hearing aids, and are happy to work with you one-on-one when it comes to your investment.